In this blog post, we will discuss how organizing your access information, peripheral devices, and having a basic understanding of your equipment can help your tech team get their jobs done faster and more efficiently, so you can get back on track.  And, we’ll also provide tips on how to organize key information and other essentials that are often overlooked but still need attention. So, let’s dive right into it!

Organizing Passwords:
Passwords are essential for logging into applications, online accounts and keeping information secure, but if they’re not organized they can quickly become unmanageable. To keep passwords in order, create a master list of all existing passwords which can be stored securely in password management software such as LastPass or Dashlane. These programs not only store passwords but also generate secure, random passwords and alert you if any of your accounts have been compromised.

Organizing Cords:
Cords can be a tangled mess! To help keep cords neat and organized, we’ve found using velcro straps or twist ties can keep cords together. Be sure to label each cord according to its purpose. This will help you quickly identify them when needed.

Organizing Other Essentials:

Other essentials such as extra keyboards, mice, monitors and networking equipment can also be easily organized with shelf space or bins. Many of our clients designate a specific area for each item and clearly label the area so everyone knows where to find them. This will help us, help you and allows for a clutter-free workspace and easier access to your equipment and other network devices.

With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your IT technician has the resources they need in order to effectively do their job and get you back up and running after a tech issue. Looking for even more peace of mind? Consider investing in a Managed Services plan and let Tech2020 Solutions be a part of your company’s team!

Training in 2023

If you need help in implementing any of the above tips we’ve shared or would like more information about our Cybersecurity Training Program or Dark Web and Phishing Training Program, give us a call. These on-going training programs enable you to have a real-time dashboard view of your company’s cybersecurity performance when it comes to recognizing malicious content or employees that may be inadvertently putting you at risk.