When you arrive at work, or when you jump on your computer, wherever that may be, take your time in opening your mail.  There are a wide variety of viruses that lurk behind the following subject lines so take head, and think before you open.

Cryptolocker is a ransomeware Trojan, this means that the hacker will install malware onto your computer, and it’s time to pay up or lose all your files. It is disguised as a link attached to an email that seems pretty legitimate. However, when you click the link it is then capable of encrypting the files on your computer. From there it all goes downhill! The only way to have your files decrypted is to pay the ransom that is required by the given deadline. Many who have dealt with ransomware say that if you do in fact pay your files will be decrypted and you’re no longer in danger of them being erased. The major problem with this is that Cryptolock itself can be easily removed but once your files have become encrypted they are impossible to break. There are multiple creative emails this hack job has come up with to squirm itself inside your computer and files. Pay close attention because when something seems so real, we can easily be deceived.

The current list of CryptoLocker subject lines include:

USPS - Your package is available for pickup ( Parcel 173145820507 )

USPS - Missed package delivery ("USPS Express Services" <service-notification@usps.com >)

USPS - Missed package delivery

FW: Invoice <random number>

ADP payroll: Account Charge Alert

ACH Notification ("ADP Payroll" <*@adp.com>)

ADP Reference #09903824430

Payroll Received by Intuit

Important - attached form

FW: Last Month Remit

McAfee Always On Protection Reactivation

Scanned Image from a Xerox WorkCentre

Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre

scanned from Xerox

Annual Form - Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business

Fwd: IMG01041_6706015_m.zip

My resume

New Voicemail Message

Voice Message from Unknown (675-685-3476)

Voice Message from Unknown Caller (344-846-4458)

Important - New Outlook Settings

Scan Data

FW: Payment Advice - Advice Ref:[GB293037313703] / ACH credits / Customer Ref:[pay run 14/11/13]

Payment Advice - Advice Ref:[GB2198767]

New contract agreement.

Important Notice - Incoming Money Transfer

Notice of underreported income

Notice of unreported income - Last months reports

Payment Overdue - Please respond

FW: Check copy

Payroll Invoice


Corporate eFax message from "random phone #" - 8 pages (random phone # & number of pages)

past due invoices

FW: Case FH74D23GST58NQS

Symantec Endpoint Protection: Important System Update - requires immediate action