As we kick off 2022, it is highly recommended that more corporations and employers face the fact that cyberattacks are a part of our everyday life and understand that protecting themselves against these cybercriminals is key.

Rather than viewing cybersecurity as a hindrance, we’d like to offer a few tips to make it a ‘normal’ part of your employee’s everyday routine and your on-going corporate culture.

Here are our Cyber-Security Top-Seven Tips:
  1. Start the work week with a ‘Monday Morning Motivation’ meeting (think ‘brief’, like a pep talk) and explain ‘why’ cybersecurity is important for all employees to do their part in protecting the company’s business.
  2. Educate your employees on how to maintain safe practices. What they don’t know might hurt you, your business, and even your employees.
  3. Keep it fun! Offer an end-of-quarter prize for the employee who demonstrates the most security measures.
  4. Allocate funds in your budget for cybersecurity education. The funds you spend on educating your employees can only help you save money in the long run.
  5. Maintain a solid, non-frictional relationship with your IT team. Remember, they are in the position to help you.
  6. Be positive and reinforcing with your employees when it comes to standardizing cybersecurity within your company. Make sure employees feel like they are an important part of keeping the business safe.
  7. Lead by example. Cybersecurity starts from the top. Show your employees how its done and let the security-traits trickle down the line.
If you need help in implementing any of the above tips we’ve shared or would like more information about our Cybersecurity Training Program or Dark Web and Phishing Training Program, give us a call.  These on-going training programs enable you to have a real-time dashboard view of your company’s cybersecurity performance when it comes to recognizing malicious content or employees that may be inadvertently putting you at risk.