Exhausted, and exhilaration….that’s how our accountant clients’ say they feel after tax day.  What a ride!

Now, with the pressure of April 15th (or in this year’s case April 18th) behind you, we thought it would be a great time to remind you about the power and the added value of updating your security technology.

Data security in your field is paramount.  As a business owner you need to protect your assets and data as well as the personal and financial information of your clients.  Off the shelf routers are simply not robust enough to truly guard you against the proliferation of internet threats and intrusions.

Upgrading your router to a firewall provides vastly superior protection for today’s network and is an easy, cost effective way to safeguard your company while potentially saving you thousands of dollars in costs associated with data loss and downtime.

Each week news stories remind us of the constant threats that exist.  In business, our exposure is just too great to rely on a simple router that can be purchased at PC Richards or Staples. As we review our client’s system performance we have seen a noticeable difference between our customers in terms of Internet threats and intrusions that have a firewall and those that have a router.  Our clients that are using our firewalls fared much better than customers who relied on a router.

Remember the internet is the gateway of communication for your company but it also opens your front door to hackers and cyber criminals to rob you of your data and compromise your business.

Accountants are one of our strongest market specialties and we have knowledge of all of the most popular accounting software packages and often interact with third party vendors on our client’s behalf to resolve any software issues or updates needed.

As your office changes and grows, we can help you with fast and complete purchase, programming, installation, and integration of new equipment (Network, desktops, laptops, etc.).

Our philosophy is to understand the technology that drives your business and to help you harness it, protect your data, streamline your processes and save you time and money.  IT is our business so it doesn’t have to be yours.

From now until July 31st we are offering a free security check up to all accountants and a special on our firewall solutions.  Contact us today at info@2000computer.com or call John Hassler at 516-876-8761 for more information.