Is Your Old Technology and Computing Systems Taking its Toll on Your Business?

Today’s most successful businesses see the value of a technology refresh.  Here’s why:

Have you ever thought about how much time and money your old devices and software applications are costing your business?  Have you ever wondered how long you should keep using your old computer devices and hardware before doing an upgrade? Do you even remember the last time you upgraded your system? Hopefully the answer to that question is YES, but if you don’t remember, now might be the time to think about an upgrade because the fact of the matter is, your outdated equipment can be costing you money.      

Capital Loss
Plain and simple, computer equipment that is more than four – five years old is outdated. Even if your equipment seems ok and you haven’t heard it buzzing, hissing or even seen sparks flying, PCs that are older than 4 years could become quite costly to repair and maintain.

So, while you strive to maintain your business’ capital investments for as long as possible, when it comes to computer life, it is recommended you do a computer refresh approximately every three to four years.

Holding on to old equipment will ultimately result in lost time and money. Think about it this way, the average cost to repair or upgrade a PC that is more than four years old is an estimated $561, per PC.  That equates to 1.3 times the cost to repair a PC that is less than four years old.  

Loss of Productivity
Additionally, continuing to operate on an old PC could result in decreased productivity, costing an average on $1,260 per year, based on Microsoft internal research. According to the Techaisle study¹, an average of 42 productive work hours is lost, per year, while old PCs are being fixed. Compare that to the time it takes to repair younger PCs, which is an estimated 21 hours and you’ll see that “old and slow” can more than double the amount of downtime you experience!

Then there is the issue of performance. If you are operating on a device that is more than five years old, your equipment is performing at a slower speed, with 3 times less battery life. The older the PC, the more difficult it is to run multiple applications at the same time. Older PCs consume more power, too.
System Software / Applications
Running outdated system software may have several ramifications including system compatibility, security, industry regulation and compliance issues. Just as outdated computer systems will result in lost productivity, decreased performance etc., so does operating with outdated and unsupported software applications.

Today’s PCs perform much more efficiently, meaning added savings for your business. When you have computer systems operating at peak performance, your employees have more time to devote to the business at hand. Having the most updated, cutting-edge equipment can mean all the difference for your business. An outdated system will make your business look outdated and at best offer sub-par performance. This applies to mobile devices as well. Today’s employees are constantly on the move. Therefore, their mobile equipment should be up to par and consistently maintained.  Investing in new technology is an investment in your business. After all, Technology is a Tool. You need to choose it wisely!

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