Making things short, sweet and simple can help you work more efficiently, which is good for you and your company. Here are the top ten time saving tips for Windows users.

Tip 1. Copy, Cut, and Paste
  • CTRL + X This function is for when you would like to cut highlighted text, remove it, and place it on the clipboard.
  • CTRL + C This function is for when you would like to copy text and place it on a clipboard.
  • CTRL + V This function is for when you would like to paste text, copy to the clipboard to the cursor position.
Tip 2. Select All
  • CTRL + A Selecting all is very useful when you have to work with documents and files all at the same time. It takes a lot longer to manually select all text by mouse.
Tip 3. Undo and Redo
  • CTRL + Z When you are doing any sort of computer work, using this to undo any action which comes in handy if you have tasks that are prone to many errors or even formatting a document.
Tip 4. Save, Open, and Print Files
CTRL + S Saving a file is one of the most important things to remember when your working on something! Click and save as often as possible to keep your work safe from being deleted.
  • CTRL + O with whatever program you are using this will open up any file.
  • CTRL + P Many of you may not think there is a way to shorten the hassle of printing but this is this universal command to print!
Tip 5. Show Desktop
  • WIN + D When you want to access a file on your desktop and have a lot of windows open you can press WIN + D to instantly bring you back to the desktop.
Tip 6. Minimize and Maximize Windows
  • Sometimes you just need a minute to clear your head from what you are working on for a bit, pressing WIN + M minimize all your windows. Then once ur mind has cleared up and your ready to work again you can press SHIFT + WIN + M to get your work back up again.
Tip 7. Lock System
  • WIN + L Locking your computer is very important so people can’t walk by and look at your personal items up on your screen.
Tip 8. Open Links
  • CTRL + Left Click is how you open up a link but you don’t want it to take over the current page that you are on. Another way to do this is that you can Middle Click the link for the same result. CTRL + SHIFT + Left allows you to be brought to the new tab instead of it being left for later, this does the same as above.
Tip 9. Go Back, and Forth, Refresh, and Stop Loading
  • ALT + Left allows you to go back and ALT + Right lets you go forward. Learning a quick way to refresh a page is a short cut that comes in handy and one you will want to remember! To do this you just press F5. If you want to stop a page from loading, ESC will do that for you.
Tip 10. Zoom In or Out
  • Sometimes we are on the computer so long you need to zoom in and makes things a little larger to see. To quickly scroll click CTRL + +/- to go in and out. CTRL + 0 will bring everything back to look normal again.

    These short cuts will help you make the most of your summer. Take the time to read, learn, and let the shortcuts do the work for you.