As more employers “employ” an on-going  work or partial work from home strategy, maintaining a culture that promotes proper cybersecurity becomes even more important and challenging. In addition, cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated, cleverly veiled, and well-disguised - making it exceedingly difficult for an untrained employee to spot.  

Having a corporate culture that promotes proactive training is one of the best ways to keep well-meaning employees from clicking on malicious links or opening attachments that provide access points for the latest malware to get on your system.
For companies that think, “this can’t happen to me”, unfortunately it can. You do not want to let hindsight be 2020 when an unfortunate click, infects you with ransomware and you are asked to pay a hefty ransom or face the fact you may never get critical data back.

For many companies, investing in cybersecurity and improving IT security measures is still undervalued, but as cyber threats continue to evolve, companies need to evolve too. You can do this by stepping up to the next level of cyber awareness, cyber training, and overall cybersecurity. This means allocating appropriate dollars come budget time for your IT security needs in 2021 and beyond.

It is important to realize that you can bolster your cybersecurity in stages and scale the costs for this over the course of a year or several years. In some cases, you may even be able to secure financing for important upgrades (if so, we can help).
Your company’s cybersecurity vision starts with you. If you value your business, and you value the data and information on your server, you need to value the importance of investing in the protection of your data and networks.

Remember that for most companies your employees are your weakest link in your cyber defense. This makes it paramount to include cybersecurity in your internal dialog with employees. Promoting a corporate culture that identifies potential risk behaviors while providing employees with on-going training can improve your chances of avoiding a business-breaking breach.