Understanding the technologies and solutions that can streamline your business functions and save you money are time consuming tasks.  As your technology partner, our goal is to arm you with the information you need to best address the needs of your business.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is the methodology for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet Protocol or IP network. It is also referred to as IP telephony, Internet telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service. In its most basic terms, you’re placing your telephone calls over the Internet.

Growing in popularity, VoIP systems provide significant benefits compared to legacy phone systems. Here are just a few:

Many clients realize monthly savings of up to 20% when changing over to a VoIP system. Not only can VoIP customers save on their monthly phone bills, but they typically realize a reduction in the cost for equipment, lines, manpower, electrical usage, and maintenance. Since all of an organization's voice and data traffic is integrated into one physical network, this bypasses the need for separate PBX tie lines.

After the initial set up costs, there are significant net savings for system management and maintenance because there is no need to sustain a separate legacy telephone system in addition to the network.  Also, the network administrator's burden may be lessened as they can now focus on a single network.

With VoIP, go wherever you want to go and the same number follows you virtually everywhere you have   proper IP connectivity. .

There are no geographic limitations for your phone numbers so not only does your physical phone go with you everywhere, but all of the service features you have like voicemail access, call logs, and other security features move with you.

VoIP provides other features like converting voice mail to email, selective call forwarding, personalized ring tones, and others that make it an attractive alternative for business owners on the go that want to always be "in the know."

There are even more benefits for VoIP, such as Rich Media Services, Unified Communications and friendly GUI’s.  Contact us today to see if a VoIP system is the right call for your business this year!