Today law firms work hard to keep you protected and out of trouble when it comes to the court system, but are you doing your due diligence when it comes to your business technology?

Traditional practices can be streamlined by harnessing the power of technology to support the activities of any law firm.  Read on for several ways that you can improve your law practice, update your processes, protect the privacy of your clients and make  technology work for you to lighten your load, save money and allow you to do what you do best. Practice Law.

Old Way: Using a calculator to sum a list of numbers and determine their average
Better: Creating a spread sheet that auto tabulates using formulas and Excel.

Old Way: Typing out the text of a hard copy of an existing document in order to convert it to electronic form    
Better: Using OCR (optical character recognition) to translate a scanned document into text

Old Way: Drafting a document from scratch    
Better: Using document automation and templates to save time and maintain consistency.  

Old Way: Protecting client documents by storing them in a locked file cabinet behind a locked office door
Better: Protecting a client’s information by using encryption and strong passwords

Old Way: Reviewing paper documents as part of a privilege review during discovery
Better: Using predictive coding to sort through electronically stored information

Old Way: Sending standard e-mails with attachments and confidential information    
Better: Using a secure-messaging platform to send and receive messages

The verdict is in.  When making the case whether or not to utilize technology to streamline your work flow and provide higher levels of network security, the answer is a resounding...YES!  Case closed.