Summer Tech Travel Tips

Tip 1. Stop by your local Dollar Store and buy a wired mouse for when you travel.

When you’re going through security most check points will make you put away all of your wireless electronics so that you will not be able to use them. Try buying a wired mouse from a dollar store and bring that along. Since it is not Bluetooth, you will still be able to use your laptop while you fly!

Tip 2. Use the hotel TV as a charging port
Sometimes when you’re traveling things get forgotten or lost. If you have forgotten your plug that goes into the wall but have your USB cable, plug it to the side of your TV in your hotel room to charge it up.

Tip 3. Use your tablet to make free calls back to the U.S. or Canada over Wi-Fi.
Apps like magicApp Calling & Messaging (iOS and Android) let you call any 10-digit landline or mobile phone number, for free. This is a tip that can be a life saver while traveling. If your cell phone dies and you have no charger for it within reach, making a call from your tablet with this tip will come in handy. However, as always, be careful while using your Wi-Fi hotspot that cyber thieves don’t try to access your info while you’re connected.

Tip 4. Check the voltage of your devices, you may only need an AC adaptor 
To change the shape of the plug rather than a currency converter, which costs a lot more. Converters can be extremely expensive, so before you run out and buy one for your travel abroad, check the voltage and see if you can get by with buying a simple AC adaptor instead…and use the money you save to send postcards back home!

Tip 5. Keep a digital scan of your passport on one of your cloud drive. 
This will be a lifesaver and time save in the event that your passport is lost or stolen.

Tip 6: Lastly, remember while traveling to back up.
Important files from your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. This way if one of your devices gets stolen or you misplace it while your traveling, you will not lose the work you’ve done or the photos you’ve taken. Look for great free cloud storage options from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

And there you have it, the Top Summer Tech Tips that will make your travel experience easier and less stressful.