Cybersecurity in today’s world of technology is crucial, and if it’s not handled properly your company stands to lose more than just a few data files.
So what is at risk when your company suffers a data breach?  The latest research published by Annual Cybersecurity Report this January stated the greatest losses were found in revenue and customer retention.

When your data is hacked, time is lost attempting to recover what you lost and the efficiency of your company suffers. Data breaches can hold processes up for days, making timely deliveries or transactions nearly impossible.

Cyberattacks put your employees and your customers at risk. Any sensitive information stored in your systems could become vulnerable and can create new cyberattack and security issues. Unfortunately, when data breaches occur, existing customers may leave taking any possible new opportunities with them.  
Although, no one wants to fall victim to cyberattacks, many companies have realized the importance of security. Organizations are reviewing their security practices, and updating their processes. Employees are also being educated on safer ways to operate corporate systems and implement new procedures.  
Cyberattacks are ever evolving and can be hugely disruptive to running your business.

To avoid the disaster ahead of time, review your security practices and the responsibilities of the cyber security team. Continue to educate employees and ensure customers that you are taking every precaution when handling their personal information. Opportunities with the internet are endless; learning how to securely operate your systems will help keep you protected.