Renaming a company can sometimes be very challenging.

For some companies, it might take just a few minutes, other times it can take hours or even days. For me, and for 2000 Computer Solutions, the rebirth and renaming of the company evolved over several years.

When I started this company in 1998, I had already been in the tech industry for over a decade. I loved the work, it was something I wanted to do since I was a young adult. Back then I would tell people, “If it’s got a wire, I can fix it.” I just always loved learning about new technologies and techniques and how to apply them to business and then actually jump in with both hands and make things work.

I named the company 2000 Computer Solutions, because in 1998, with Y2K looming in the near future, it seemed to have the right “buzz” to make people take notice. Once the millennium crisis had been adverted, the name just stuck and for the better part of the last 18 years we have enjoyed working under that name. With no small thanks do to the support and expertise of my team, 2000 Computer Solutions is recognized as a business technology company with tremendous integrity, a philanthropic heart and the expertise to help businesses function, grow and prosper.

But computers and the threats they face have certainly changed since 1998 and the growth in our business has been exponential. When cyber security makes headlines weekly the need for stronger firewalls, anti-virus protection and monitored network defense have skyrocketed. Our clients’ equipment has grown too and every day in addition to computers we support clients and a proliferation of laptops, scanners, smart phones, e-mail servers, backup systems, networks, cloud applications, point of service systems, security systems, VoIP phone systems and other line of business application and equipment.

Indeed we have grown far beyond what anyone would consider simply “computer” solutions and to meet these changes we decided to better define this as “tech solutions” and incorporate this in our new name.

Adding 20/20 to our new name was specifically done because we wanted to keep a number in our new name in honor of our previous name but we didn’t want a number that dated us or linked us to only a specific time period or year. Instead in Tech 20/20, the 20/20 refers to perfect vision – a perfect vision of your technology needs for the future. It also pays homage to our disaster recovery capabilities in that hindsight is 20/20 – and with our help we will help you have the foresight to ensure you are always in a good position to recover data.

As a company, we’ve grown over the years to support the new challenges that our clients have faced. Together we have researched and studied new technologies and new systems that provide our clients with greater functionality and these systems and applications require different types of service and support. We have made IT our business so it does not have to be yours.

Whether we’ve developed new strategies for improving a client’s ability to access information, or we’ve built them a stronger network to protect and store their data, maintain compliance requirements, reduce cyber liability, or installed a phone system that runs off your data systems, we’ve had to evolve from just providing support for computers to encompass all types of technologies.

Ringing in the New Year with Tech 20/20 Solutions
So today, I am happy to announce the official “rebirth” of 2000 Computer Solutions, Inc. and welcome to the world, Tech 20/20 Solutions which will be the dba we now work under. In the company’s “rebirth” we will continue to provide the highest level of business technology consulting, expertise and client support.
Let’s just say with this new name, we’re a “new” kid in town with an old soul and great genes. As we move into the New Year and welcome 2017, we look forward to continuing to teach you how to wisely integrate your technologies to build and expand your businesses. I thank you for your continued support.