It’s a New Year and a new chance to make cyber security part of your company culture.  Here is what you need to know about staff training, backup, updates, tech support and more.

#1: On-going Staff Training
Firewalls and secure servers are key to business but they still don’t protect you from one of the top security risks facing all companies?  Your employees. Studies show that well-meaning employees often fall victim to phishing scams, malware and other types of cyberattacks, creating vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, compromising your data and potentially costing you money or your reputation.  

Making cyber security part of your company’s culture and training team members on what to look for and what to look out for when it comes to your company’s cyber security will go a long way to keeping you and your business up and running and not victims of a rogue or organized hack.  On-boarding training for new employee and refresher courses or simulated phishing tests are great ways to help reduce the chance that your team brings your business to a halt with a click on a malicious email.

#2: To Avoid Starting Over Again…Backup
Unfortunately, in this day and age it isn’t a matter of if you will get hit with a cyberattack, but a matter of when. Ransomware and things like Cryptolocker can strike fear in business owners and bring cities and other organizational structures to a halt.  Having a robust and redundant back up gives you the option of rolling back to your most recent back up and being able to tell the hacker to buzz off.  Whether facing off with a cybercriminal or trying to recover in the wake of an unfortunate fire or flood that impacts your business, back up is key.  

#3: Look up…Review What You Keep in the Cloud  
In an effort to move everything to the “cloud” some businesses are now experiencing the run-away train of cloud storage costs.  Your storage costs are dependent upon the data that you keep, so make it one of your priorities to review what is getting backed up, where it is backed up to and how often. Reducing your storage needs will ultimately reduce your costs while backing up the essentials you need.

#4: Stay current, by that we mean stay UP to DATE
Updates may seem like that pesky thing your computer or cell phone keeps asking you to do, but however time consuming they might seem, these updates are essential to ensure that your software and hardware are protected from the latest known risks and hacks.  Shore up your own defenses by installing recommended firmware and updates and be sure to download these by typing in the URL and not clicking on automatic links for updates to ensure you are on the right site and getting the intended update.

#5: Managed Services for Peace of Mind
It is important to have a handle on your IT infrastructure and your goals for your business’ cyber security, back up, applications and equipment, but if “IT” isn’t YOUR business, make sure you leave the on-going management and monitoring to a team you trust and that can be your technology business consultant.

Having a managed service contract with a reputable IT partner enables you to keep a proactive pulse on all of your technology needs and provides a layer of oversight, guidance and analytics that can give you peace of mind and allow you to handle the business of your business (whatever that may be) while your IT team focuses on the technology that supports it.  

Incorporate cyber security training, review your back up and disaster recovery strategies, analyze what you are backing up, stay on top of updates for software and firmware, and add a managed service contract to your IT budget this year to be prepared for whatever the IoT throws your way.

As always, if you need assistance, we’ve got a dedicated team to help.