In today’s modern world of technology, we have the most powerful computers and smart devices. If you look around, almost every one of us has a device in hand. Be it a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. It seems we just can’t leave home without one. Whether we use them for personal use (taking photos and videos or communicating with friends) or we use them for work (storing important documents and emails), these devices hold everything that’s important to us! So, what would you do if your computer devices crashed and you lost everything? It would be a disaster…but it doesn’t have to be! It’s time to start getting into the habit of backing up your data.

Simply put, a backup is a copy of all your data. Rather than storing everything in one place, on one device, save it somewhere safe so if your device does crash, you won’t have lost everything. Crashes occur all the time, more often than you might think and recovering your data can be quite costly. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll be able to recover everything.

Here are some statistics that will get you thinking about backing up your data:

•Roughly 30% of people have never once done a backup.

•Approximately 29% of disasters (crashes) are caused by accident.

•Every minute, 113 cell phones are stolen, leaving your personal data in a stranger’s hands.

•Out of 10 computers, at least one is infected with a virus every month.

As a general rule of thumb for businesses, we recommend that your backup plan include multiple copies.  One on-site, one off-site and one in the cloud.  If you are currently just using one back up, and you value your business’ continuity, it is time to put into redundant back up plans and we can help!

But back up for business isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about, read on for more on backing up those precious digital momentos you have on your personal devices and home computers.

With one simple set up, you can back up your files quickly and easily. The most common way that people backup their files is by saving their data to an external drive (such as a USB), or on the Internet  (such as the Cloud). Take the time to do a little research on the companies that are available to store your data and see which one works best for you. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did!

To help you remember to back up your data on a regular basis, March 31st has been designated as World Backup Day. This holiday was established in 2011 and is celebrated annually on March 31st to remind us all to protect our data and avoid looking like a fool on April Fool’s day. So, this March 31st, take the World Back Up Day pledge to back up your data on a regular basis.

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