Don't Be Blindsided By Your Employee's Dark Web Data.

With more and more data breaches happening every day, it's likely your employee's information is being sold on the Dark Web. At Tech 2020, we will search the Dark Web for compromised credentials associated with your domain.

Let's stop a breach before it happens.

Let Tech 2020’s Dark Web Monitoring Protect You

The increasing threat of password reuse, business email compromise scams and ransomware attacks can be mitigated by identifying dark web data at the individual employee level – in REAL-TIME.

With hourly scans of the Dark Web, you’ll be alerted as soon as any info connected to your company’s email domain name (i.e. “”) is found in any data breach. That is, if another company that stores credentials has their database compromised, you’ll know if any of the leaked info relates to your business.

The results of these scans also identify whether a password was attached to an email address leaked in this manner, giving you notice to change a compromised password before it can be used to inflict any damage on your employees, your company, or your clients.

Let Tech 2020 Solutions protect you and your clients’ reputation, data, and bottom line, by shining a light on the Dark Web today.

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