Don’t Take the Bait.
Train Your Team to Avoid Common Phishing Scams.

The majority of cyber-attacks are the result of well-meaning employees that didn’t realize they were clicking on a malicious link. Testing and training your employees to avoid phishing scams will help you and your company stay cyber-safe.

Let’s stop a breach before it happens

Tech 2020’s Phishing Response Testing

When it comes to phishing, you have to stay on your toes if you want to avoid disaster. The best way to do that is by examining real examples of malicious emails, and testing how you and your employees handle them.

Blind Testing—As part of our newest cyber security initiative, Tech 2020 is offering real-world phishing practice to clients and their employees. The way it works is that we send fake (but harmless) emails asking users to click a shady link or download a questionable attachment. If they do click, rather than create any malicious consequence, we can track who falls for the attacks, as well as who ignores or reports them.

Training—Finding out who’s susceptible to being phished isn’t very useful if you can’t help them improve their security habits, so naturally, we also offer training on how to spot a malicious email. It is up to employers whether they want to selectively send the training to the employees who turn out to be most susceptible, or offer it to the entire workplace.

Tracking Progress—How will employers know who’s most susceptible, and more importantly, how will employers know if their employees are improving? After all, with the majority of major data breaches originating from human error, a careless employee is a huge liability. To keep tabs on who’s taking cyber security seriously, our training comes with a dashboard which offers a high level view illustrating to employers the training and results of their employees.

While the manager can see employees’ names, employees will also have access to a dashboard where they can see their own progress compared to their peers, anonymously.

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