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Managed Services

Our Tech Advisors Are Always Looking Out For You 24/7, 365

Managed Services

Our Tech Advisors Are Always Looking Out For You 24/7, 365

There is nothing better than a proactive approach to protecting your data and your IT infrastructure. Sure, unforeseen IT issues come up, but having a managed service provider like Tech 2020 Solutions means that you've got a head start on potential problems and always have another set of eyes overseeing the functionality of your hardware and software. We proactively monitor and manage your back up, your network, security, firewall, anti-virus, storage space and provide comprehensive preventative maintenance.  

As a valued Managed Service client, your IT issues are handled under an all encompassing virtually all inclusive contract so you can breathe easy and know that your technology is ready to support your business growth. Our clients appreciate knowing that they have a pre-determined budget for IT services and support and that we are ready to handle any problem, at any time.  

Our Managed Services programs provide our clients with the ability to go about their own business and handle the day to day activities that produce sales and positive results for their bottom line. IT is our expertise, so it doesn't have to be our clients.

The benefits of a Managed Services program include:

  • Proactive monitoring that identifies potential issues and threats
  • Balanced billing for IT
  • Automatic Back Ups
  • 24/7, 365 Support

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