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Tech 2020
Weekly Cyber Security Tips

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Tech 2020
Weekly Cyber Security Tips

Tip #3. Never use the same password twice, and don’t use the same password on shopping sites that you do for your banking or other sensitive sites.  

Tip 2. When creating a new password, get creative! Passwords need character!  For instance, the number 1 can be used in place of an L. The @ symbol can be used for the letter a, you can use an ! instead of an l, 3 for an E, 5 for S, 4 for H…you get the idea!

Consider creating a phrase or use a word that has meaning to you but cannot be easily guessed.

So for example if your password is: baseballs123, make it B@53ba!!s!23 instead or you may want to use a phrase like I like golfing….1Likeg0lfing

Tip 1. For a strong password, use no less than 12 characters (16-20 would be optimal).
Include a combination of at least 1 uppercase letter, numbers and special characters, and remember to NEVER share your password!

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