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The Risks of IoT Devices: How to Secure Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing network of devices connected to the internet and each other. These include smart tools, security devices, wearables, and appliances. These devices make
people's lives easier and more convenient. But they can also come with security risks that put business in danger.

Cyberattacks on IoT devices are increasing, so it's essential to understand common vulnerabilities.
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Creating Killer Passwords

Creating a bionic password is a critical step to protecting yourself online.  But, using long, complex passwords isn't the easiest thing to do, but it will go a long way in defending you from cybercrime. Remember, no one is immune to cyber risk, but you can minimize your chances of an incident by improving the way you create your login credentials.

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8 Ways To Prepare For On-line Shopping & Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is around the corner and that means online shopping is ramping up! Cyber Monday is a huge day of the year for e-commerce. Some holiday deals and discounts even start before Thanksgiving. It is predicted that 64% of US consumers will shop on Cyber Monday in 2022 - a 42% increase from 2021 – and the day is expected to generate 11.2 billion in sales! With all this online shopping, shoppers need to be more cautious than ever.

To help you stay safer, here are eight tips to prepare you for Cyber Monday Madness.

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With A Focus On Cyber Security Tech 2020 Launches Proactive Cyber Training

Tech 2020 Solutions, a full-service technology and integration company that provides vital IT based services and solutions to businesses in Nassau, Suffolk, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, is thrilled to announce the availability of a new cyber training program to help businesses protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Creating Passwords

Creating a strong password is a critical step to protecting yourself online. Using long, complex passwords is one of the easiest ways to defend yourself from cybercrime. No one is immune to cyber risk, but #BeCyberSmart and you can minimize your chances of an incident.

Special thanks to the Department of Public Safety for these great password tips!

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Top 6 Ways to Avoid a Data Breach

Every day in the news you read or hear about another major data breach, but what about the hundreds of thousands that never make the headlines.  In order to keep your business out of the news, there are a number of things you can do to thwart would-be hackers.

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The Cost of Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity in today’s world of technology is crucial, and if it’s not handled properly your company stands to lose more than just a few data files.

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6 Tips for Cell Phone Security

When you walk out the door in the morning, what is the one thing you do not want to forget? Most people would say their cellphone.
Today, cellphones are used for more than making calls; they are our calendars, our computers and many times our wallet.

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Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

With smartphones in almost every pocket, consumers don’t always wait for Cyber Monday to begin shopping on line for great holiday deals. In fact, last year over 103 million people shopped online between Thanksgiving and Sunday, and spent a record $8.03 billion online during that time period.

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Being Smart About Cyber Liability

Every day across the globe, breaches of information take place. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI) records are compromised by electronic and physical loss in companies across the United States.

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Summertime safety tips for kids surfing the net

Summertime is upon us and that means more free time for our kids. In a perfect world, our children would be active all day long, keeping busy with some form of physical and preferably outdoor activity.  But when the lazy days of summer arrive and we find our kids surfing the internet rather than surfing the ocean waves, it’s time for us to implement ‘safe surfing’! We’ve gathered some valuable tips and reminders to help you and your kids stay cool and out of the heat while traveling the World Wide Web:

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