Ever at the heart of what we do, is our connection to local businesses and the communities we live in.

We support and work with a variety of local organizations, and encourage you to find out more about:

The Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is dedicated to "Building a Better Business Community Together" and to serve the heart of the greater Long Island business area.

Since 2001, the Melville Chamber of Commerce aims to foster economic and business development through collaboration among businesses, educational institutions, government resources, and our community. Members benefit from each other's success by advocating, participating, and educating.

Founded in 2002 by Jacie Capuano, Jacie’s Kids is a Long Island based charity focused on doing a world of good for Long Island children with cancer and their families.

To learn more about how this charity helps kids with cancer, click here.

To consider donating, click here.